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Firewood Rack

Here in Montana, the weather is beginning to change. The days are cooler and we’ve already had frost on the roof a few mornings last week. I love fall and the idea of firing-up the wood stove again gets my juices flowing. This anticipation caused me to dredge up an old project that has been on the “honey do” list for quite some time. In all honesty, it wasn’t actually my idea, but my bride who suggested I tackle this next project. Anyway, I’m gathering ideas for an indoor firewood rack.

What I envision is basically an open box with log side supports and a slab top. The base of the rack will have a drawer in which we can store matches, fire-starters and kindling. In addition, I plan to mount the base on casters. My wood stove is approximately 20’ from the door where we have our firewood stacked. Since I plan to build an over-sized rack, being able to wheel it to the door and load it with wood seems like a good idea to me.

Today, we use one of those metal loops you’ve seen that hold wood off the floor. The problem with it is that it doesn’t hold a full day’s supply of wood (thus my plan to build a larger rack) and when I load it outside, it can get very heavy. I’m not getting any younger and my back doesn’t seem to be getting ay stronger, so this makes sense to me. The drawing above is a rough concept of what I’m planning. Please, no comments about my crude drawing 🙂

As with most of my projects, I’ll take some pics and explain the building process for you DIY types. If you have any design ideas I should consider, add a comment below, or send me an email. I think this will be a fun project and I’m looking forward to your comments. Best to everyone and thanks for visiting.

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  • Ned (PA)

    I like your concept, but I question the use of wood supports and bottom. It would seem to me that the wood will get banged up and scratched with all the activity of stacking and pulling out firewood to burn. I would assume that is why so many firewood racks are made out of metal. Just an opinion, and wondering if you feel the same way or have a plan to address that?

  • Logman


    Thanks for the very astute observation. It is also a concern of mine and I have been noodling about how to address that same issue. My original thought was to make the side spports out of metal (possibly wrought iron, etc.), but I like the look of logs as part of the design.

    One idea I am playing with is to add metal “runners” along the bottom and possibly up the side supports. Any hardware store sells square metal rods that I can recess into the wood by ploughing an insert. Then my concern is rust as the metal’s paint will chip off eventually and moisture content of the room and firewood may hasten rusting. So the short answer is that I haven’t yet decided how I will address this, but we are both thinking along the same lines. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

  • Montana Tom

    My DIY project now sits in our den and you can read about it here, and you can even download the FREE plans if you want to make one yourself!

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  • I would consider reversing the design. Create a draw for the top and place the log on the thin tray at the bottom, anyway that’s my 2c’s 🙂

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