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For most parts of the country, the wood burning season is over (tell that to my local weatherman), but a few weeks ago I was searching for some info about wood stoves and discovered a company I was not familiar with, called Morsona.  These are not the usual breed of wood stoves we see in most log homes, more of a contemporary design that is quite interesting. I contacted the company and they agreed to give me more information for readers of this blog. Enjoy!

The history of Morso wood stoves and fireplace design dates back to 1853, when business graduate, N. A. Christensen, started his own iron foundry on the Limfjord island of Mors. Christensen wasn’t just your usual organization man. With his well-honed talent for good company and his several creative and forward-thinking ideas, he speedily succeeded in turning the firm into 1 of the country’s leading iron foundries. At the close of the century, Morso’s cast goods had been well-recognized throughout the country, specifically the well-known solid fuel stoves and cooking stoves, which had turn into Morso’s most essential brand.

Morso wood stoves produce some of the most energy efficient, clean burning stoves in the world. This Nordic Swan symbol recognizes a company’s commitment for a cleaner environment. Its reputation for high-performance, Scandinavian developed cast iron stoves is world class, as is its “thinking-green” core that continues to innovate environmentally-responsible, option energy combustion technology and handcrafted high-top quality cast iron stoves, fireplace inserts and accessories, employing 98% recycled material.

At the turn of the century, Morso began supplying heating systems to churches, schools and a number of public buildings, which includes the state railways and different ministries. And at the start of the 1900s, the common imperial-style wood stoves discovered their way into the royal apartments at Amalienborg. In 1915, different fireplace designs had already been supplied to the palaces at Amalienborg and to a number of other royal residences, and the organization was consequently bestowed the prestigious title of Purveyor to His Majesty the King by King Christian X. Later, in 1969, the title was changed to Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court.

From the earliest years, development and innovation have been a driving force for Morso wood stoves and freestanding fireplaces. When central heating and radiators began to make their mark in Danish homes in the 1950s, the solid fuel stove was out of fashion. But Morso showed when once again that it had its finger on the pulse, when the revolutionary open fireplace stove, the 1122, was launched. Your wood burning stove will grow to be one of the most-loved items in your house. When you describe your relationship with your Morso wood stove in the future, it won’t be the fireplace style, the cast iron or the wood stove’s environment friendly impact which will fuel your fondness. Morso modern fireplace designs are a trusty source of comfort you will enjoy it for its sound, look, warmth, and for the glow of happiness it spreads through your residence over the years.

In summary, Morso wood burning stoves have led the way in both new fireplace designs and new methods of combining form and function efficiency with beauty and comfort – and in recent years with environmental awareness and in recent years with environmental awareness and attention to alternative energy.

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