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Father’s Day

I’m a father, and all three daughters have honored me with cards and a phone call today. My children are scattered from Washington DC, to Texas and Montana, so we won’t all be getting together today except in our hearts.

If you just remembered that today is Father’s Day and the panic has set in because you forgot to get dear ‘ol dad a present… fret not. Call him and tell him his surprise is on the way. Next, go buy him something he really wants. Forget the ties, sissy sweaters and gift certificates… Dad wants serious guy things to wear – and stuff for the shop when he’s working on a project.

One of my favorite stores is Duluth Trading Co. This is the company that is famous for many innovations, but two of their best products are their T-shirts that solve “plumber’s butt” and their bucket tool caddies.

To all you other fathers out there, I’d like to wish you a very special Father’s Day.

Hey, we deserve it!

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