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Don’t pay the ransom… I escaped!

That was an old line a friend of mine used to say to his wife if he loitered too late at night with his friends. It has an initial shock value that distracts one from their current thoughts. Like how you must be thinking… “where’s he been – where’s his posts”?

If you were paying me to write this blog, you would probably have fired me by now for my lack of production. As a result, I feel like I owe you faithful followers an apology…. but there is a reason I have been so seemingly complacent about the lack of recent blog activity. I’ve been busy. REALLY busy!

As many of you know, ours is a very small company where everyone wears many different hats. Consequently, when a big project is undertaken, it saps all of my time. Unfortunately, updating this blog had to take a back seat to a major undertaking.

I am pleased to announce that I just completed a significant overhaul of our Log Home Directory. We’re talking about tweaking more than 400+ pages – one page at a time! This is such a big deal that I actually issued a Press Release this morning to help spread the news. Please take a moment and click on over to see the NEW Log Cabin Directory.

PS: Please tell me what you think of the new look & feel, navigation and new topics. Also, if you see anything I missed… you know what its like to be so close to the forest you miss some of the trees. Thanks!

PPS: In addition to all this geek work, I also just finished a new DIY project that I’ll tell you about in my next post.

3 comments to Don’t pay the ransom… I escaped!

  • Anonymous

    Funny, I was wondering if you just took off for hunting season or were hibernating already for the winter. Glad to hear all is well. The changes to your log home site are very nice. That is such a friendly and warm design, I really like it. I can’t imagine the work involved to edit hundreds of pages, you must feel like you’ve written a book. Anyway, I love the new site and welcome back to your blog.
    Bruce from Idaho

  • Mungo

    Welcome back to cyberspace! Look forward to the project post you’ll be making…



  • Anonymous

    Beautiful, maybe the nicest log home website i’ve seen. ~ Ellen C.

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