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Does your log home have a name?

What’s your sign?

No, I’m not talking about your Astrological sign (I’m a Scorpio), I’m referring to the name you have given to your log home or cabin.  Have you posted a sign to prove it?

Log Home Sign

DIY Log Home Sign - have you named yours?

By some people’s standards, our home is located in the boonies – about 12 miles from town.  For us it is close enough in without being too far from civilization, grocery shopping and a tank of gas.

There are only two homes on our 1/3 mile private road, but visitors, UPS and Fed-X never seem to be able to tell which is which. To assist first time visitors and those good delivery companies I decided to add a sign about midway up our drive.  Directly across from my neighbor’s home I attached our sign to a tree beside the road.  One arrow pointed to their house and the other arrow pointed up the drive to our home.

The house numbers were legit, but the names of the homes were fictitious.  In Montana there is a semi-famous National Forest and mountain pass called ‘Lolo’.  If you ever saw the movie, “A river runs through it“, that took place in Lolo.  Anyway, I borrowed that idea and combined mine and my bride’s first names and came up with ‘Loto Pass’.

I carved the sign from a slab of Ponderosa blue pine that I had left over from a previous furniture project.  You can’t miss the sign as you drive up the road and everybody loves it. Loto Pass became our unofficial name for our home and property.

What about you?  Have you named your log home or cabin on the lake?  If so, send us a picture and I’ll post it here to inspire others.  If nothing else, leave a comment below and let me know what you think about naming a log home.

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  • Gidday there Tom

    Had a visit from Karen over at my other blog so thought I would drop in. I was saying how much I envy those with log cabins and high ceilings that let in the light via “skylights” but now I am more envious knowing you are close to natural surroundings. If you ever consider customizing your Thesis website I can recommend Rick Anderson over at

    He’s one of your countrymen and helped me with my latest site and how to add a shopping cart. Wish you well for 2011.

    Dennis O”Brien

  • All my friends name their cars, and a friend who visits a log home on a fishing trip has a name for it. Can’t remember what it is but if I remember correctly it’s named the same as a big fish he caught down there.

  • Definitely have not named a log cabin, but creating a sign or signs does sound like an awesome idea!

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