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Do your remember Lincoln Logs?

Happy Easter Friends

The Easter holiday is a sacred time for people all over the world. From our family to yours, we wish you a blessed and happy Easter weekend.

Time out…

With this being a holiday weekend, I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about a lighter topic, but related to the theme of this blog…. logs! Not just any logs, but “Lincoln Logs“.

In doing some research yesterday I stumbled upon something that I don’t think I have thought about for decades. One of the links I clicked took me to a site that was selling the original Lincoln Logs sets. Immediately, I was whisked back in time to when I was a small boy and had my own set of Lincoln Logs. Just seeing the picture of this “Lincoln Logs Commemorative Tin” brought everything back.

I can remember building log cabins and forts for my “Army men” to fend off Indian attacks, I remembered the feel and the color of the logs, the green roofing planks and the red trusses and chimneys…. what an enjoyable escape from now. Back then I amused myself for hours at a time creating buildings and my imaginary pioneer settings.

Who is to say what childhood memories trigger our appreciation for things as we get older. Is my love for log homes and rustic furniture a result of my playtime activities as a boy 40+ years ago? That is far too deep a subject to explore in this blog. But I do have a confession to make… as I looked at that Lincoln Logs Commemorative Tin I considered buying one to have around… Maybe somewhere down the road a yet to be born grandson might have the same excitement I experienced, or maybe – just maybe when no one is around, I might clear my desk and build another log cabin. Would it feel the same? Hmmmmmmmm….

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  • Harold

    Ahhh… Lincoln Logs.

    As a young boy growing up in rural New York I spent a lot of time building with my Lincoln Logs outside. I think that is where I first learned about the potential for log damage when logs are left in puddles of water for extended periods of time!

    I won’t mention some of the things we did to our Lincoln Log structures, but let’s just say Mom and Dad often wondered why they had to keep buying me new sets!

    I recently bought a few sets off e-bay and gave them to my own boys, ages 5 and 7 and I was pleasantly surprised to see them use the old wooden toys almost as much as they use their shiny plastic robotic type toys!

    I just hope they don’t do the same things to their Lincoln Log creations that I did.

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