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Do you have the courage to build your log home?

I just received the nicest email from a lady who took the time to pay the Log Home Directory a very nice comment – thought I’d share it with you because she is at a place where so many people find themselves today… waiting for the economy to cooperate with their plans.  Also, it’s really nice to know that someone appreciates my efforts  🙂

…I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy my visits to your log home website.  My husband and I have been dreaming about building a log home since we were married in 1981.  This economy has forced us to delay our plans, but this only meant that we could spend more time planning and looking for new ideas.

I have probably visited your site a dozen times in the past few years looking for log home companies and such information and I always end up clicking through your different sections that seem to keep me up for hours. I like your site because it seems like a labor of love, not just a place to sell something. I’ve read all your do-it-yourself projects and those are the kinds of things we want to be doing with our own log home.

We will make a decision and go forward with our plans this summer regardless of what the economy is doing. We’re not getting any younger and the sooner we can get out of the city the happier we’ll be.  Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your site has been very helpful and I have enjoyed reading your blog also.

Obviously, I appreciated her kind words about our directory and blog, but mostly I applauded her decision to “go forward with her plans” in spite of our economic woes.  If enough people could muster such courage, we’d get this economy back in gear without Washington’s BS stimulus deals.

PS:  We’ll be adding 10 new log home floor plans from another quality manufacturer in the next day or two, so be sure to subscribe to this blog and get all the updates.

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  • Jerry & Jennifer

    We have been planing our log home project fo more than 10 years now and were thinking that we might start talking to builders this summer. Then this economy slump came out of nowhere and we delayed our plans and went back to reviewing our project file. Now that we’re this close, we started to scrutinize every detail and realized there were so many things we just haven’t yet considered. What do you tell people about making the right decisions in these areas. We don’t have the money to make any mistakes.

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