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Do you have any interest in Pinterest?

Do you pin?

Log Homes on PinterestIf you are not familiar with it, Pinterest is a relatively new social site. I can only assume it was created because we really needed still yet another social site to occupy our time because Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others just weren’t enough.

When I first looked at Pinterest six or eight months ago, I was underwhelmed, and I will admit that I didn’t get it – I didn’t understand what all the hype was about. To me, it didn’t offer anything other than a public place for people to post pictures of things that have no appeal to the rest of us.

Obviously, my assessment didn’t reflect the opinion of the tens of millions of people that have been flocking to Pinterest over the past year. Pinterest is now the fastest growing social site in history; growing faster than any of its predecessors.

My other misjudgment was that I couldn’t see how Pinterest had any value from a business perspective.  As a business and website owner, I tend to judge such things based on their ability to generate traffic, sales or other measurable metrics.  Really, how could a combination “electronic scrapbook/wish list” translate into business revenue?

After making these assumptions, I didn’t bother with Pinterest for many months. I kept seeing articles that mentioned their meteoric growth, but hey, there are many large organizations and groups of people that have no effect on my business.

It wasn’t until I read somewhere that Pinterest was driving more traffic to websites than Twitter and in some cases, even Facebook. That got my attention.  I figured it was time to revisit Pinterest and see how it had matured, or at least what I must have missed the first time.

About a month ago I joined the Pinterest party and started pinning. My ‘boards’ are mostly associated with the log home and timber frame industry as I still have no desire to pin things just for the purpose of filling up a bunch of boards with things I like that you probably couldn’t care less about.

So, what’s my conclusion? Like every other social site out there, Pinterest is a time suck. It requires valuable time to participate, and it is free. However, if driving traffic to your website is a priority, run (don’t walk) over to Pinterest and claim your branded pin boards. If you have a business name or a product you want to ‘brand’ on Pinterest, I suggest you claim it before someone else does. In my case, I was able to snag a unique name,

Pinterest Boards for Log Homes & Timber Frame Homes

Why do I encourage your Pinterest participation?  In the past 30 days, Pinterest has sent my website 30 times as much traffic as Twitter. Does that get your attention?  It made me a believer. I have an active Twitter account with lots of followers and activity, but it has never been a major traffic generator for my log home website. Pinterest has gone from nowhere to being in my top 10 of traffic sources.

Oh and BTW, you can’t just join Pinterest, you have to receive an invitation. I’m really not sure why they do this, Google+ played the same game for a while until they threw open the doors to everyone. Anyway, if you don’t know anybody with a Pinterest account, send me your name and email address and I’ll put you on their invitation list.

Just curious…can anyone remember what occupied our time before all these social sites made their appearance and required our participation?  Oh well, I’ll see ya on Pinterest.

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  • I’m new to Pinterest , and ~love it! (just saw your ‘interesting’ boards!) Anyway, if you don’t have an invite just enter your email and you’ll receive an approval within 2-3 days, that’s what I did.

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