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DIY Log Railing Gate

Got a dog? Want to keep it around?

That was our problem. We have the world’s finest watchdog who considers it her duty to keep an eye on our property and protect us from bears, mountain lions and those pesky ferocious ‘attack deer’.

Unfortunately, our “puppy” lives up to her Great Pyrenees breed’s reputation as roamers. They are famous for wandering far from home at every opportunity. Her dog run is an acre+ and fenced with 48″ ranch fencing, but she likes to keep an eye on everything from the vantage point of our deck. She also sleeps on the deck all year long.

We needed a gate that would keep her on the deck and blend with the log railing already in place. I built a simple gate (pictured above) and for the benefit of you DIY-types, I have posted the instructions and pictures on the Log Cabin Directory’s DIY section, here.


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