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DIY Log Picture Frames

This seems to be DIY month as I have another post about building picture frames out of logs… well actually branches or limbs. I’m having a weird sense of ‘Déjà vu’ as a couple of interrelated things happened that resulted in this post. In my previous post there is a picture of a log picture frame I made a couple of years ago. Then, Danny from Oregon wrote to me with some questions about making these frames (as pictured on my blog) – and coincidentally, I just finished making my bride two more frames just last weekend.

Fortunately, I took a couple of pictures during the project because I planned to create a DIY article about this subject, but wasn’t going to upload anything this quickly. However, as a result of Danny’s email I decided to offer my tricks about making square frames from round logs. Rather than repeat everything I have on my website, I’ll point you here to see how this project evolved.

BTW, you can see all three completed frames here.

2 comments to DIY Log Picture Frames

  • Jerry C.

    Now this is a creative idea, thanks. My wife is actually more familiar with your site and she sent this website link to me at work and said I HAD to check this out now because she wanted me to stop off on my way home and get some round fence posts so that “I” could make her some frames like these. SO I don’t know whether to thank you or be upset with you!!!

    Seriously, good stuff, keep it coming.

  • Alex, Wilmington, NC

    Hey log guy, love the DIY articles. Looking forward to more.

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