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A fellow named Bill Lasko has a solution for those who want to build a log home…but want to build it themselves.  He offers an “Online / Interactive eLog Builder Training Program“.

According to the website, they have positioned the school as the only state and federally approved/recognized Vocational School specifically for the craft of building with logs. We have Approved Training Programs for VA Education Benefits and TAA eligible Displaced Workers and working on more, including development of a 2 1/2 year Log Builder Apprentice Program. Our 12 week Approved Log Builder Training Program includes Log Home Care, Maintenance and Restoration/Log Replacement Instruction.

The training covers everything from Tool knowledge and Handling and Log Building Design to Sanding and finishing of log walls and log ends.

The vast majority of people don’t usually want to get this involved in their log home building process, but if you are one of those (like me) who has dreamed of building a log home, but lack the in-depth knowledge, this could be your ticket to happiness.

Learn more about Lasko eSchool of Log Building.

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