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In my last post I was telling you how much I enjoyed having a shop to play in.  As a true DIYer, I have a penchant for tools.  Yeah, it’s a ‘guy thing’ that some people can’t identify with, but having the right tool for every job doesn’t require an explanation to those with similar leanings.  It may not matter that a particular tool is used only once every decade, the important thing is that when you need it… you got it.

A friend of mine who shares my love for tools and understands that mindset, sent me a video showing a new ‘gotta have’ tool.  The video is a very funny and full of ‘double entendre’ guy talk, but the tool is amazing.  It’s one of those head-slappers that says… “why didn’t I think of that” or “what took them so long to come up with that”?  Watch the video – it says it all.

If you ever work with plywood and don’t have a construction crew at your disposal, this Gorilla Gripper is a life saver.  How many times has a DIY project involved handling sheets of plywood?  Can you imagine what a work saver this is when you are doing a roofing or flooring project?  Heck, just having one of these to unload the truck and carry the panels to the shop is worth the price.

We don’t watch a lot of TV around our place and when we do (thank God for TiVo) we fast-forward through commercials, so I never saw this product advertised.  The commercial is a hoot, but the tool is awesome!  Our homes may be made out of logs, but even with a log home, flooring, roofing and those special DIY projects all call for plywood.  Yup, gonna get me one of these!

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