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DIY Floor Plans

We talk about floor plans a lot here, because it is such a hot topic – especially for people who are in the research stage of building a log home.  In fact, “floor plans” is one of the most popular key word phrases by which new people discover the Log Home Directory.  Consequently, we are doing everything possible to focus more on that topic.  This was the motivation behind our new Floor Plan Showcase.

Another topic that gets a lot of action on this blog and throughout the website is “DIY“.  Many of us like to do-it-ourselves, and not always because we want to save money.  There is a great deal of satisfaction when one performs a maintenance task such as replacing a faucet or wiring the garage.  Sure it’s nice to know you saved a few bucks, but that feeling of accomplishment is hard to beat – especially when the task is a big or challenging project.

My DIY projects have ranged from building log furniture and other decor items to stripping and re-staining my entire home, and most chores get a mention in here somewhere.  I always like to share tips I learn the hard way, or answer some questions that another brave soul might have before tackling such a project.

My DIY drive isn’t just related to physical chores, I also enjoy moving these electrons around.  As many of you know, as the author of this site I am also the graphics guy, the HTML geek, marketing manager… and window washer.  As the head tinkerer, I’m always up for a new challenge or to try new software and I just had a pleasant experience I wanted to share with you. 

Floor Plan SoftwareGetting back to my intro about floor plans, I discovered a new software program that is a real treat to use.  A company named SmartDraw, offers “the World’s Most Popular Business Graphics Software” (according to them).  Actually, this is a drawing program that besides being fun to use, is a powerful floor plan creator.  I must admit that this is one of the best inexpensive drawing programs I have ever seen.  (Author’s note:  I cut my teeth on “Harvard Graphics” way back in the late 80’s)

With this program you can create a complete home floor plan design (or blueprints), a room plan, or other house plans in minutes by starting with one of their hundreds of different templates.  Just as cool, you can make kitchen cabinet layouts, build closet organizers (to scale) and even arrange storage solutions for the garage or basement. 

In addition, this is a full-blown business application for everything from organization charts, brochures and calendars or family history trees.  The best part of all is that you can download the entire program for free and try it before you buy it.  No buyers remorse that we’ve all gotten with other software programs.

I was so impressed with this program for floor plan applications that I added a complete review with pictures and examples on the website.  Seriously, if you’re looking at floor plans and want to design your own… DIY.  Create exactly what you want and then turn it over to your log home company’s architect to add the finishing touches.  Check out more information about SmartDraw here.

Create your floor plan in minutes!

5 comments to DIY Floor Plans

  • Lynnette Johnson

    I would like to see something built for a couple with occasional company that is self contained in sections of the home. Heating and cooling for each section to use only when needed would be a must for green living. One for the couple to live in w/o disturbing any other section. One level to avoid stairs for older couples. I’m thinking a multi-building home. Connecting them in some way to give the look of one home.

  • Shaquille

    i would like to see an home that is very unique….one that has an certain them about it that just makes it stand out from the other sketches of last year.

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