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Deer in Rut

Wildlife Week!

A couple of my most recent posts had to do with my semi-annual “battle of the bears” and protecting my valuable trash from their foraging raids.  Well, this morning we had another special treat from the local wildlife as we watched two very young bucks have at it outside our window.

I think these fellows were practicing for when they get older because neither of them were mature bucks.  The one buck barely had 4″ spikes and the other was sporting a couple small branches.  They didn’t seem intent on harming each other and my bride is convinced the older guy was showing the youngster how to make like a serious contender.

Anyway, they went at it for a long time.  We watched for quite a while before I decided to go downstairs and get my camera.  Usually when that happens the excitement is over, but today they treated us to a show that must have lasted 15-20 minutes.

The joy of log home living, especially if you live out in the boonies, is being this close to wildlife and watching things you typically only see on television.  Deer in rut, bears peeking in our window and bald eagles perched in the trees are things we’ve witnessed from our little cabin in the woods. It’s things like this that make the whole log home experience so special.

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