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Decorate your Log Home like an Interior Designer

If you turn on the TV and do some channel surfing, chances are you will come across a number of shows featuring interior design or home improvement ideas. From celebrity mansions in shows such as Cribs to the renovation of ‘real’ people’s homes like Trading Spaces, interior design is a very popular topic. Most of the log home industry magazines take this same approach because it appeals to so many people.

Whether you live in a mansion, apartment, trailer or a log home, if you’re paying the bills, buying the food, investing in caravan insurance and doing what you can to make your house a home….it makes sense to focus your time and money making the interior look the way you want it to look.  Unfortunately, very few of those home improvement shows feature log homes, which is a shame, because log homes can be made to look fantastic with a few basic interior decorating fundamentals, and the key to achieving a fantastic look is to start thinking like an interior designer.

Photo compliments of PrecisionCraft log homes

Photo compliments of PrecisionCraft log homes

Preparation is key

Before starting any decorating project, it’s important to sit down and plan properly. Professional interior designers have a vision for what they want the room to look like, and you should have your vision of the perfect setting also. For ideas, look in industry magazines, visit antique stores or flea markets and try to find accessories and furnishings that fit in with your vision. Don’t rush the planning stage, especially when it comes to choosing colors. Make the wrong decision here, and the entire effect may be ruined and you’ll need to start over.  So experiment with different shades and make sure the colors you go for don’t clash with existing furniture you may want to use.

Make the best of what you have

There is no getting away from the fact that log homes have a rustic look and feel – that’s the appeal for most of us. Trying to use many contemporary ideas may well work for a loft apartment, but not always fit with the natural wood and architecture of a log home. Get inspiration from traditional western motifs and styles. Think of colors that go well with the natural hues of the wood. Shades of green such as olive, moss and sage can create a lovely warm room, while browns and darker shades of red also go well with the rustic nature of a log home.  Do go for contrast, earth tones are great, but by themselves can look washed out. Choose colorful, contrasting accents to compliment the look.

In most cases, avoid overly modern designs when it comes to buying furniture. Look for natural fabrics such as wool or leather, but don’t overdo it. A cluttered room will distract from the naturally beauty, but a few key pieces strategically placed will help add atmosphere and style to a room. Rugs, throws, pillows and blankets can make just as much of an impact as a new sofa, so experiment by mixing and matching such accessories to see what effect they give the room.

Remember whose home it is

Getting ideas from other sources is always a great place to start, but only if you are comfortable with the end result. You have to make sure you are happy with whatever changes you make to your home. If you are not entirely comfortable with a color, don’t use it, no matter what other people may advise or what you see in magazines. Choose colors and styles that suit you. A good way to do this is to go through your wardrobe and see what you instinctively buy. If there are no browns or greens in there, the chances are, you won’t feel comfortable with those colors in your home.

Don’t stretch yourself too much financially. Just because you have seen something fabulous in a store window that will look perfect in your log home, it’s not worth breaking the bank for it. It is possible to find some great items at flea markets and antique stores, which won’t cost the earth and will look just as great with a little varnish of coat of paint. Also, try to get in touch with your creative side. Think of your log home as a canvas with you being the artist. Decorating is a great way of expressing yourself so dig deep and see what effects you can create.

Importance of lighting

Don’t underestimate the lighting. The right type of lighting can really change a room’s entire look and feel, and add extra dimensions. Lighting creates mood and can make rooms appear more spacious. Different bulbs, dimmers and type of lights can make startling differences to the appearance and feel of a room. Wall lighting, for instance, can create wonderful shadows, but it is a fine line between warmth and gloomy. Don’t forget the effect of natural light either. A room’s feel can change dramatically at night compared to during the day, so choose lighting that complements the light that shines through the windows and keep the same mood.

The natural wood and design of log homes exudes western history and romance, and these interior design techniques can really help emphasize this. By following these interior design fundamentals, there is no reason why your log home can’t look just as stylish as the other types of homes so often featured on design shows, only you have the benefit of all that natural, rustic beauty underlying it all.

This video features dozens of log home interior shots that can give you some great ideas. When the slideshow starts, pause the video on the rooms you want to study because they only appear for an instant. Rustic Furniture Sale

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