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Custom Built Log Cabin?

Custom Log Cabin

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What’s your idea of a custom log cabin design?

I guess the reason there is more than one log home manufacturer is that there are all kinds of buyers having their unique ideas of design and function.  You and I might think this log cabin (above) looks like a stack of firewood, but to someone else, it might be the culmination of their life-long dream.

The point is that most log homes are custom designs.  You will probably begin with a manufacturer’s basic log home floorplan, but almost everyone adds their personal touch.  You might increase room sizes, add dormers, additional rooms or convert a loft into a bedroom, and those hands-on design changes are part of the fun.  When you’re done, you have a custom log home that you helped design.

If you are one of those people who already has a unique concept in mind for what your dream home looks like, bounce it off a log home manufacturer.  Talk to the Pros and get their advice.  You will be surprised what you’ll learn after discussing your ideas with people who know exactly what you want to accomplish.

1 comment to Custom Built Log Cabin?

  • Christopher leonard

    As above I have the dream and desire to own my own log cabin home….
    I have a general idea in my head as to how the layout will work out but I need more expert advice as to how weather proof a log cabin home would be in Irish weather conditions!!!
    My plan would be a 3 bedroom with a possible 4th loft room!!! Having spent time in oz I’m familiar with the veranders and large decking areas which I to would like to take into consideration…..
    Just a few early feeders but this is a dream I want to become reality

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