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Tom, Editor of the Log Home DirectoryYou read that headline right. As soon as the shock wears off, prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised. Of course we know that logs are made from trees, but we have seen man-made composite materials replace ‘traditional’ products such as decking, and Stewart Hansen, President of EverLog™ Systems will enlighten you with the following article about logs made from concrete.

Build a log home using concrete logs?

Is that even possible? Back in 2000, these were some of the questions we asked ourselves. At that time severe wildfires in northwest Montana had burned thousands of acres and destroyed hundreds of homes which prompted us to ask “is there a better way to build a log home?” Our answer to this basic question became the genesis for what is now EverLog™ Systems.

Who is EverLog™ Systems and What are the Benefits of EverLogs™?

Headquartered in Missoula, Montana, EverLog™ Systems has developed a unique approach to building log homes. Our logs are made of concrete not wood. However, our products offer the exact character, texture, and warm appeal of quality wood logs. Additionally and of equal importance, EverLogs™ eliminate the structural instability, costly maintenance, and susceptibility to fire, mold, insects, and other problems commonly associated with wood log construction.

Our product line ranges from structural logs and timbers to light weight log siding. Below is a home that displays our family of products.

EverLog Concrete Log Home

Why a Concrete Log Home?

Home owners love the look of a wood log home but fear the required repair and maintenance.

Concrete offers the durability and longevity that most natural wood logs can not. Many of the known problems associated with wood logs are solved when using concrete EverLogs™. This includes settling, shifting, warping, twisting, rot, decay and insect infestation. Most important to our customers is the lack of general maintenance including staining and sealing.

You can read more about our products at and view a side by side comparison here.

Below are more detailed photos of our EverLogs™.

16" Hand Hewn - EverLogs™ with Saddle Notch Corners

16" Hand Hewn - EverLogs™ with Saddle Notch Corners

8" D-Log - EverLogs™ with Butt-n-Pass Corners

8" D-Log - EverLogs™ with Butt-n-Pass Corners

But shouldn’t a log home be made only of wood?

When we started EverLog™ Systems our goal was not to compete with wood log homes but, in fact, to partner with wood log home producers. We feel the combination of our worry free exterior and real wood interior is ideal for homeowners, architects and builders who which to combine the advantages of EverLogs™ with traditional wood log interiors.

A prime example is our partnership with Teton Dwellings in Victor, Idaho. Teton Dwellings has long been a premier wood log home builder, however, they understand and promote the use of worry free products like EverLogs™ in conjunction with traditional wood log and timber components. Many of their clients want the ambience of true wood interiors with a worry free exterior. Our partnership meets this interest with outstanding results for the homeowner.

To learn more about EverLog™ Systems please visit us at or call us toll free at 1-877-257-5647.

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