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Christmas Shopping for Log Home People

Where do you find some of the best online values for Christmas?

There are stores that I visit any time I am shopping for special people.  My wife and I are lucky in that we share the same taste in furnishings, so if I like something it is a safe bet that she will also appreciate my selection.  Here’s some ideas that can save you money and keep you out of the malls and away from the crowds.

For the Home…

If you are decorating your log home and want to surprise your family with a unique furniture piece or rustic decor accents, I’d recommend that you spend some time browsing Black Forest Decor and get $25 off on orders over $199.99 – Use coupon Code mdc25.

For kids and grandkids…

Kids of any age (that would include us) can have a ball building log homes with the original Lincoln Logs.  If you owned a set of these logs as a child you never forget the hours of fun creating houses, forts and towns for your imaginary little friends.

A truly unique gift for a little person in your life would be this “Lincoln Logs Commemorative Tin” … but remember that you’ll have to share it with the kids eventually.

For Techies…

If you have a family member or friend who is the ‘techie type’, they like things they can use… forget toiletries, clothing or other such mundane items.  Hi-tech gadgets, software or services will light up their faces.  One online service I can’t recommend more highly is Mozy Unlimited Backup.  I use this myself and last year I survived a total hard-drive meltdown because I had Mozy installed (This is one gift I’d buy for myself).

For everyone else…

There are some people you just can’t choose a gift for no matter how hard you try.  Or, you have family and friends scattered across the country and shopping and shipping are always a hassle.  Here’s an idea that can fit almost anyone on your gift list… and they do all the hard work, too!

Vermont Teddy Bear

PS:  Wait ’till you see their selection of Christmas bears…

PPS:  Don’t forget our directory for gift ideas.  You can find a great selection of log home books, tools like  tenon cutters and hand tools or fireplace accessories.

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