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Frequent visitors to this blog are aware that our family of Rustic Directories includes the “Chainsaw Art Directory“, which features chainsaw carvers from around the USA and Canada. Someone from Manhattan (NY) may not be aware that chainsaw carving is a big thing in many parts of the country, or the world for that matter. Chainsaw art is not a mainstream decorator item in Park Avenue apartments. However, those of us who live in log homes and decorate with log and rustic furniture are well acquainted with the art of chainsaw carving.

As I say on our website, “it is truly remarkable to watch a sculptor guide a chisel through wood with a steady hand…. but it is an awe inspiring experience to see an image emerge from a log or trunk of a tree. It is a prodigious feat to wield a motorized tool and remove wood that reveals such beauty“. The carving at right stands guard outside our home in Montana.

One of the carvers whose company we feature in the directory, Rick Boni along with his wife Liz, sponsor an annual “Chainsaw Carver’s Rendezvous” in Ridgway, PA. This event has gained huge attention and has even been featured on The Early Show on CBS. The dates have just been announced and the rendezvous will take place February 17th. to the 24th.

Not only is a good time had by all, but the event also does plenty of good as each carver donates one sculpture to the auction (held on Saturday Feb 24) with net proceeds going to charity. So if you can make it, this is one of the best events of the year. Visit their website here.

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