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Oops! My bad!

Oops! Houston we have a problem!

If you landed on this page it means it means we screwed-up something.

We just redesigned this entire website and added a whole bunch of new things, but apparently we haven’t removed all the bubble-wrap yet and a couple sneaky links are hiding from us. Sorry, we’re working […]

How ’bout a free log cabin?

The Great Log Cabin Giveaway!

Every reader of this blog is in a different place. You may be in the research phase of building your dream home, you may be comparing log home floor plans, you might be a log home owner or a representative of a log home manufacturer. Maybe you’ve found your ideal […]

DIY Log China Closet


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Happy New Year

It is my fondest hope that 2007 brings you all that you seek. Most of us spend our lives in our (personal and often misguided) pursuit of happiness. Whatever that is to you, and whatever it is you believe you want for yourself and those you love… I wish you every success.

My bride and […]

Side Trip – Want to save 70%?

Earlier this month I posted a blurb about “my favorite stores“. I prefer to shop online as I’m not a Galleria-type shopper (comments from my original post about Duluth Trading are at the bottom of this post).

Everyone knows that all retail stores usually have “After Christmas” sales. At the risk of sounding like a […]

Merry Christmas

It is only a few more days until visions of sugarplums will dance in children’s heads, and falling asleep will become the toughest thing most kids have ever done. As a famous song says… “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, and a poll of my family confirms this.

How could you not love […]

Changes at the Log Cabin Directory

Over the holidays, our rustic directories will be receiving an overhaul. Much of this will be behind the scenes code changes and improvements designed to make the directories function better. We will also implement a new menuing system that we hope is more intuitive and easier for you to use. This will be an […]

Pilgrims and Log Homes?

The worst part about growing up and leaving childhood behind is losing our innocence; learning the truth about Santa Claus, politicians, Thanksgiving… and log homes. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but it is interesting how we have created so many myths about things we hold dear to our hearts. Take Thanksgiving as an example…

Most […]

Log Home Books?

A comment to yesterday’s post read… “Do you have a favorite book on log home planning and construction? We’re in the market and trying to learn what we need to know.”

Good question, but I don’t have a single recommendation for you. Actually, I have bought a number of good books over the years. This […]

Log Home Shopping?

Would you like to save $250 to $500 on your purchase? Read on…

There is a company in Colorado that manufacturers everything from small garden sheds to two-story log homes, available in finished or a DIY stage of completion. Spirit Cabins offers a wide variety of personalized features. They can customize the siding finish, roof […]