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Log Home – To Build or Not to Build

That is the question…

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the ups and downs of an outrageous stock market, or to follow our plan in the face of those troubles, and by opposing, build the home of our dreams?

I doubt that Shakespeare himself could craft such a tale as we have unfolding […]

Log bLog Attacked!

If you visited this blog in the past two days, you may have seen an ugly message from Google if you were using the Firefox browser. The message stated that this site was ‘unsafe” and the site (this blog) was blocked from view.

Every website owner’s worst nightmare is that their site might get hacked […]

Rekindling the Dream

Will you join me in restoring the log home dream?

Most of us have been scrambling since this economic depression kicked into high gear. It doesn’t matter what part you play in this business, you’re feeling the results of this business slowdown. If you’re a log home builder, manufacturer or supplier, or a ‘prospective’ […]

Your 2009 Forecast

If you would like some entertaining reading today, search around and see what the 2009 forecast is for every topic from our financial markets to politics. What’s your log home plans? […]