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Green building in DC?

An article was just published by Washington Free Weekly, entitled, This Modern World – Architect Travis Price balances green with sheen (read the full story here).

“Mr. Price is one of the biggest names in Washington architecture”, according to the article. In the body of the story, the author says… But green isn’t everything, Price […]

Paradise for sale!

You can’t take it with you… at least that’s what “they” say (I have no idea who “they” are, but it does sound logical). The good news is that we don’t have to wait to experience Heaven because Paradise is for sale right here on earth – right now.

I spent a large part […]

Log Blogging

If blogs are any indication, a lot of people in the log home and log furniture industries are not what one might call “early adopters” of technology. If you Google “log home blogs”, the results are fairly sparse. With that in mind, I thought I’d take a shot at linking other log-related blogs to this […]

Reminder… a FREE timber frame home!

Last month I talked about HGTV’s Dream Home sweepstakes and you can enter now. In fact, you can enter every day… but maybe you shouldn’t bother as I plan on winning that home. A quick reminder for everyone who would like to own a timberframe home, but (like me) can’t afford to spend the $2,500,000 […]

Win a timberframe dream home?

HGTV’s Dream Home 2007

Here’s a New Year’s Day tip for everyone who would like to own a rustic timberframe home, but (like me) can’t afford to spend the $2,500,000 it takes to turn that dream into reality… Try winning your dream home in a sweepstakes. Yup, you heard that right…

It’s that time […]

Log Home Security (revisited)

Anonymous wrote…

I read your article on log home automation (see original posting), and I enjoyed your perspective. However, in the article you mentioned a company called X10. Isn’t that the same company that used to spam the world with their ads? Just wondering.

You my friend, have a great memory. Back in the […]