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Log Homes & High-Tech Communications

When you think about the log home industry in general, or if you are contemplating buying or building a log or timber frame home, the notion of hi-tech is probably not foremost in your mind. A log home is more commonly associated with a laid back approach to modern living; an escape or a refuge […]

Log Home Shows (schedule)

Between now (Oct. 17th.) and next April, there are 13 major log home shows scheduled across the United States and Canada. I expect that a few more will be added for 1st. quarter 2010, but as of now, you can see the complete schedule here for Log Home Shows for 2009 & 2010.

The Geek Piece of the Log Home Business

I received a couple of great comments on an earlier post, so I must have struck a chord. Thanks to all of you that took the time to offer your opinion – I sincerely appreciate that. Chris M. asked the question,

“…how to make all this web stuff work. Do you have other people in […]

Timber Frame – Handcrafting

Part of the appeal of handcrafted log and timber frame homes is the visible results of the handcrafters art. Dovetail joints and mortise and tenon joinery performed on heavy timbers is a beautiful thing to behold. As one who enjoys guiding a chisel through wood, I love watching a professional in action.

Readers of […]

Log Home Interest is Heating Up

We may be in the dead of winter and we’re all suffering through this ugly economic cycle and praying that Congress will do something (anything) right… but I can tell you that there is a renewed interest in log homes. […]

Log Home Manufacturer Guest Interview

A while back I had an idea that interviewing management from log home companies for this blog would add something that I cannot do myself. As the editor of this blog and the Log Home Directory, I am always looking for information that I think would be of interest to people researching log homes. […]

Log Home Marketing in a Soft Economy (Part II)

In a challenging business climate such as what we are experiencing today, business owners often choose to batten down the hatches and revert to traditional promotional and advertising methods on a scaled-down level. Unfortunately, we can’t spend our way out of this mess; we must get more creative and extend our reach using non-traditional approaches. The Internet and new social networking websites offer marketing opportunities you couldn’t afford to purchase using conventional media sources. […]

What’s the worst part of living in a log home?

To be fair, I should clarify the question to read, “What’s the worst part of living in a wooden, timber frame or log home?

People visit this blog because we all share one thing in common, a passion for log homes. Any log home owner will tell you log homes require some work. Obviously, […]

Why you should hire an architect

The architect is the owner’s representative, always keeping the owner’s vision, needs and desires in mind. Both the architect’s and the owner’s primary goal is a successful project. […]

Log Home Shows

Have you been to a log home show in ’08 yet? We are officially in the ‘season’ and this month alone there are log & timber shows happening in Maine, Florida, Indiana, Illinois and Oregon. Next month, April will see 8 different shows taking place from Alberta Canada to New Jersey and cities in between.