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The Geek Piece of the Log Home Business

I received a couple of great comments on an earlier post, so I must have struck a chord. Thanks to all of you that took the time to offer your opinion – I sincerely appreciate that. Chris M. asked the question,

“…how to make all this web stuff work. Do you have other people in […]

Thermal Imaging for Log Homes

Today, with the help of “Thermal Imaging”, we can actually see the holes and security breaches in log home walls, corners and chinking seams. […]

Log Home Networking

The message is simply that these “Social Networking’ sites offer businesses opportunities to connect with like-minded people who just might be looking for what you are selling. […]

Log Home Marketing

The idea of ‘local search’ and its importance in the future has Google making this one of their (many) priorities. Reaching only the people you can serve conveniently is paramount to success… in any business. […]

Log Home spam

Imagine the new people they could attract to their parties… Internet users who have no political leanings might support any candidate that declared a “war on spam”. Like the “Do Not Call List”, they would most certainly exempt themselves as spammers, and we could go about our business only receiving spam from Presidential wannabes and every charity on the planet. […]

Google Chrome – The Browser…

If you are in the log home business, or if you are in any business that has a website, I would recommend that you download this new browser. […]

Open Letter to Log Home Companies

Answer your email…

I have a pet peeve… Why do so many people and businesses treat email in a different way than a phone call or voice mail? Putting aside spam, subscribed lists, promotional mail, etc. (which are easy to filter), why is an email from a LIVE person treated with less priority than a […]

Are you ‘connected’ to other log homers?

Do you socialize?

I would imagine that most of you reading this blog are not bleeding-edge Internet trendsetters, but you have no doubt heard about websites like MySpace or Facebook. These (web 2.0) websites were developed for ‘Social Networking’ and believe it or not, there are around 350 other networking sites such as Bebo,, […]

What? No Website?

From the comments and emails I receive, I know that this blog receives regular visits from furniture makers as well as furniture buyers and rustic decor enthusiasts. For the most part, this post is aimed at furniture makers (actually anyone in business) because it is about your website – or lack thereof.

On two separate […]

Identity Theft

Today I want to talk about something that has absolutely no relationship to the topic of this blog – but don’t click away yet. This is important.

I discovered a virus on my computer over the weekend. Understand that my home network is very secure; our computers sit behind a router and firewall and my […]