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The Log Home Journey… (part 2)

As Paul Harvey says, “this is the rest of the story”. .. the second post of a two-part article written by Mike and Sue Lemmon of Cowboy Log Builders LLC. In the event you missed it, read Part I of The Log Home Journey.

OK, you’ve done your job site research. Now […]

Log Home Handcrafting

I have talked to people who have ordered a log home and never visited the manufacturer that produced it. Although a personal visit is not required, if you have the opportunity to visit a company and watch how a log home is created, you will have a whole new appreciation for the building process and […]

Peeled or skip peeled logs?

I received an email from Rita M. today who asked, “I was browsing your directory pricing log bedroom furniture and a couple sites talked about peeled and skip peeled logs. What do they mean by this?”

Great question, Rita and thanks for asking. “Peeling” refers to removing the bark from a log. This is usually […]