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Attention Log Home Companies...Have you ever sold a log home online?

Have you ever sold a log home online? It wasn’t until the deal was done; money was in hand and the process begun that he realized that he had never spoken to the buyer. […]

Log Home Companies Gets Social Media Assist and Marketing Boost

Press Release Today

It’s official, the announcement of the changes here at the Log Home Directory is now public in the form of a Press Release that hit today. We have been working on this project for months and although we are still not done chasing down some programming bugs and making design tweaks, overall […]

Log Home News

Happy Monday all, here’s a couple of noteworthy tidbits that involve log home manufacturers and things happening in this interesting industry…

Dreaming of log home? Do your homework

A new book, “Log Home Secrets of Success” by Roland Sweet (editor in chief of Log Home Living magazine) was written expressly to enlighten log-home-buying consumers. Not […]

The Geek Piece of the Log Home Business

I received a couple of great comments on an earlier post, so I must have struck a chord. Thanks to all of you that took the time to offer your opinion – I sincerely appreciate that. Chris M. asked the question,

“…how to make all this web stuff work. Do you have other people in […]

Do you have a website?

We’re going to give the log & rustic discussion a break today and take a side trip. If you have a website, hopefully this will be of interest. If you do not have a website, you may as well skip this article and browse our other postings. Thank you.

One of the companies featured […]