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A twig by any other name…

From time to time, I plan to feature some unique companies (or individuals) who just seem to have that special something about them or their creations. One such person is Paul Jurutka who founded Maine Rustics. Paul and I first talked last summer when he contacted me to say that he was developing a new […]

What? Me advertise?

As you might imagine, I hear from a lot of people. Shoppers email or call about finding specific information, and because we list thousands of companies on our Rustic Directories, I hear from website owners quite frequently. This post is targeted to website owners (sorry shoppers – select the next topic if you don’t think […]

Rustic Directories

Hi, and thanks for visiting. I’m new here, so be gentle.

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt recently told reporters that search was the “inevitable outcome” of all that happens online. “As the web gets bigger you need search as a tool to get thru this,” he said. “Web growth has turned out to be faster that […]