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Antler lighting anyone?

Meet “Lucky”

This beautiful buck adorns a wall in our family room. When did I shoot him, you ask? Actually, I didn’t – I bagged Lucky on eBay. Lucky and I have a lot in common, which I didn’t learn until after he arrived and I read the licensing information (that is required when shipping […]

Chainsaw Art

Serious Rustic Decor

Frequent visitors to this blog are aware that our family of Rustic Directories includes the “Chainsaw Art Directory“, which features chainsaw carvers from around the USA and Canada. Someone from Manhattan (NY) may not be aware that chainsaw carving is a big thing in many parts of the country, or the […]

Bears for your kitchen

This is turning into a week of “help me find” questions (and that’s great – glad to help). Leslie in Arizona posted the following comment this morning…

Last summer my family toured much of the southwest in a RV. Our three week vacation did much to help the economy as part of the purpose of […]

Little things mean a lot

When decorating in a rustic mode it is often the little things that do more to support the decorating theme than we usually imagine. […]

Rustic Directories

Hi, and thanks for visiting. I’m new here, so be gentle.

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt recently told reporters that search was the “inevitable outcome” of all that happens online. “As the web gets bigger you need search as a tool to get thru this,” he said. “Web growth has turned out to be faster that […]