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Solar Powered Pumping System

Are you in the process of building a log home?

Most of us choose a rural location for our log homes and that means electrical power can sometimes not be as reliable as it is in the more populated areas. As a result, you may be looking for an alternative solution or a back-up system. […]

Is Solar on your Radar?

Solar has come a long way in the past few years…

Americans have always believed that they are leaders in the world in just about everything. However with renewable energies this is far from the truth. Germany is the world leader now in the use of solar renewable energy and the U.S. could be argued […]

NEW Solar/Wind Energy Tax Credit for Log Homes

You can now convert your log home or cabin to green, renewable solar or wind energy and get a huge tax credit. If you want to reduce your power bills or completely eliminate them, convert your home to green, free, renewable energy, you need to see this alternative energy website. […]