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The Owner-Built Log House

It is a funny coincidence that my last post was about a book I suggested for those who might be considering building a log home themselves. Today’s post is about another book that I highly recommend.

People have been building homes from logs and heavy timbers for thousands of years. In North America log homes […]

Log Home Maintenance – Log Steps

In my previous post, Log Home DIY Maintenance, I told you about our log steps that needed to be replaced. I filmed the removal and installation of our new log steps. Click on any photo to view the video of the installation process.

Much care was taken in removing the old staircase […]

Log Home Handcrafting

I have talked to people who have ordered a log home and never visited the manufacturer that produced it. Although a personal visit is not required, if you have the opportunity to visit a company and watch how a log home is created, you will have a whole new appreciation for the building process and […]

Peeled or skip peeled logs?

I received an email from Rita M. today who asked, “I was browsing your directory pricing log bedroom furniture and a couple sites talked about peeled and skip peeled logs. What do they mean by this?”

Great question, Rita and thanks for asking. “Peeling” refers to removing the bark from a log. This is usually […]

Log Tables

I’m a little surprised about how much interest I’m receiving in the DIY area. […]