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Timber Frame – Handcrafting

Part of the appeal of handcrafted log and timber frame homes is the visible results of the handcrafters art. Dovetail joints and mortise and tenon joinery performed on heavy timbers is a beautiful thing to behold. As one who enjoys guiding a chisel through wood, I love watching a professional in action.

Readers of […]

Log Home Santa Recommends…

Every home requires repairs and in a log home, many projects demand tools that are not normally found in the typical tool chest. This is especially true of specialty tools such as drawknives, spokeshaves or tenon cutters and mortising tools. […]

Mayday, mayday… maymonth?

Every dog has his day… and apparently this is also true for “months”, as I just found out that May is national Home Improvement Month. Man, I have been living a sheltered life, but now I am finally aware.

Around my house every month is “Home Improvement Month”. Between my bride’s honey-do list (that has […]

Log Tables

I’m a little surprised about how much interest I’m receiving in the DIY area. […]