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Joys of Log Home Living

Does it get better than this?

This morning I was sitting at my desk, which faces a window overlooking our front yard, and movement caught my attention. And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a magnificent male deer…this 60 second video shows a buck having brunch in our yard.

Maybe I should […]

Log home living in rural America…

Dealing with nature and guarding the trash

I have no scientific data to back this up, but I imagine that most people’s mind picture of living in a log home is that of a beautiful home or cabin tucked away in a forest surrounded by nature. That was always my ideal and that is where […]

Log Home Fall Project List

I mentioned the word ‘Fall’ to my bride yesterday and you’d have thought I brought up the name of an old girlfriend. She did NOT want to acknowledge that summer was slipping away or that fall was anywhere near approaching.

Well duh, “we just watched the Pittsburgh Steelers play football a few days ago… what […]

Log Home Maintenance – Log Steps

In my previous post, Log Home DIY Maintenance, I told you about our log steps that needed to be replaced. I filmed the removal and installation of our new log steps. Click on any photo to view the video of the installation process.

Much care was taken in removing the old staircase […]

Summer is officially over

Depending on where you live, the trees are changing colors or dropping their leaves, the days are cooler and the nights (here in Montana) are below freezing. Such annual signs usually point to Fall and the end of summer. I guess I’m either stubborn or a slow learner, but summer isn’t officially over until I […]

Labor Day Recap

Have you noticed that sometimes it doesn’t matter if you live in a log home or a glass house, things don’t always go as planned. My bride and I decided that this Labor Day was to be “staycation” (stay at home vacation) and that we would spend it relaxing and catching-up on some honey-do chores […]

Thank goodness summer is over!

Okay, I know that sounds blasphemous, especially if you live in the snowbelt, so let me explain…

I love summer and in my humble opinion there isn’t a better experience than cruising on Flathead Lake on a summer afternoon here in Montana. So why am I happy to see summer winding down? Traffic! To be […]

Montana Log Homes

Last winter when the snow was flying and the log yard was quiet, I had the pleasure of spending part of an afternoon with Brad Neu, President of Montana Log Homes. His company has been handcrafting custom log homes for more than 30 years. […]

Got ice? DIY temp railing!

Those of us who choose to live in the mountains either love snow, or have accepted it as part of the price one pays for mountain living. Me? I love it, but I do my best to prepare for snow and icy weather. We all winterize the vehicles, drain hoses and stack the firewood […]