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DIY Rustic Log Picture Frames

Everyone will agree that living in a log home is a different experience than living in a conventional stick-built house. Decorating a log home offers challenges that are atypical of most decorating projects.

We choose to live in a log home because we love the look, feel, aroma, color and […]

DIY Log Picture Frames

This seems to be DIY month as I have another post about building picture frames out of logs… well actually branches or limbs. I’m having a weird sense of ‘Déjà vu’ as a couple of interrelated things happened that resulted in this post. In my previous post there is a picture of a log picture […]

Log Accents

If you don’t live in a ‘solid’ log home, but want to add some log accents, this can be easier than you might think. Log accents with stick-built homes are extremely popular these days because it offers the the log look, with the ease of construction and advantages of a stick-built home. A few […]