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Log Home Decorating – DIY

DIY Rustic Log Picture Frames

Everyone will agree that living in a log home is a different experience than living in a conventional stick-built house. Decorating a log home offers challenges that are atypical of most decorating projects.

We choose to live in a log home because we love the look, feel, aroma, color and […]

Log Homes and the American Buffalo

What’s more American than Log Homes and buffalo? I mean really, how many of us haven’t created a mind picture of a log home or cabin overlooking a valley with deer and buffalo roaming the landscape? Wood smoke billowing from the chimney, the smell of pine and the feeling of being part of nature… isn’t […]

A Log Home Cinco de Mayo in Montana

Cinco de Mayo means many things to different people. Most I would assume, do not associate this spring celebration with snow…. unless you live in Montana. This is the scene that greeted us this morning.

Although we have a fire in the woodstove and are watching the snow fall, this is a […]

What do you know about log & timber screws?

Readers of this blog know that I’m a DIY type of guy. I LOVE tools and working with them and I’m always intrigued to learn something new about a specialty tool, fasteners or anything that is part of a building process.

Anyway, I bumped into Will Leverett the other day, he’s the owner of […]

From Log to Log Home

Don’t try this at home…

Before a log can become part of a log wall or a timber frame beam, there’s quite a bit involved of which most people are not aware. Obviously a tree must be felled, de-limbed and hauled from the forest to a processing facility, but it is what happens next that […]