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Rekindling the Dream

Will you join me in restoring the log home dream?

Most of us have been scrambling since this economic depression kicked into high gear. It doesn’t matter what part you play in this business, you’re feeling the results of this business slowdown. If you’re a log home builder, manufacturer or supplier, or a ‘prospective’ […]

What’s more American than log homes?

The unique style and splendor of modern log homes is one of the reasons this niche has risen to become one of the fastest growing segments of the home building industry. […]

The Reincarnation of Lincoln Logs

Lincoln Logs is one of the ‘old timers’ in this industry having shipped more than 10,000 log homes over the years. In the worst economy on record, people still believe in the potential of this business and have pledged their assets to make this company successful. […]

Log Home Industry… Are You Ready?

If you are in the log home business, do you have a Facebook account yet? Is your company website fresh and updated? Do you have a blog? Do you Twitter? […]

Log Home Interest is Heating Up

We may be in the dead of winter and we’re all suffering through this ugly economic cycle and praying that Congress will do something (anything) right… but I can tell you that there is a renewed interest in log homes. […]

Green will grow the log home industry

I applaud their determination to push the GREEN LOG Homes & Lifestyle Awards™ forward as such a program will help to raise the awareness of prospective log home buyers and introduce new people to our industry. […]

Turn off the TV and get back to building that log home!

You wanted a log home before this economic fiasco appeared? Get back on the horse and pursue that dream… When enough of us make this decision, the media will go back to reporting on Britney Spears and other important news. […]

Caribou Creek Log Homes

Rick Friesen of Caribou Creek Log Homes is my guest and he has provided us with some very interesting comments and outstanding information about log homes, industry changes, the buying process and don’t miss his check list and advice for new buyers near the end of this excellent interview. […]

Moosehead Cedar Log Homes Interview

Today we are pleased to announce a new feature to our website, a guest Interview with Mr. Randall Comber, President of Moosehead Cedar Log Homes. The following questions are designed to give prospective new home buyers insight into the company and products they produce. […]

Log Home Manufacturer Guest Interview

A while back I had an idea that interviewing management from log home companies for this blog would add something that I cannot do myself. As the editor of this blog and the Log Home Directory, I am always looking for information that I think would be of interest to people researching log homes. […]