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Log Homes and the American Buffalo

What’s more American than Log Homes and buffalo? I mean really, how many of us haven’t created a mind picture of a log home or cabin overlooking a valley with deer and buffalo roaming the landscape? Wood smoke billowing from the chimney, the smell of pine and the feeling of being part of nature… isn’t […]

Log Home Ramblings

Spring is in the air and as of Saturday, officially on the calendar. It’s time to get serious about making that log home dream become a reality! Our directory of log home and log cabin manufacturers, builders, dealers, suppliers and more than 100 floor plans is a great place to start!

Log Homes For Sale […]

Log Home Interview – Strongwood

Every few months we feature an interview with a different log home company. This month we spoke with Rich Marcom of Strongwood Log Homes, located in Gainesville, GA.

Why do people choose Strongwood Log Homes?

Because we are a part of a limited number of quality Log Home Dealers who fully Kiln-Dry their Logs before […]

A Log Home Winter Morning

We’re having an absolutely perfect Montana winter morning. We awoke to 5″ of new snow this morning, the wood stove is keeping everyone toasty warm, I’m done with the plowing and just finished a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and hot coffee. Now I’m sitting at my desk (writing this post) and looking out at a […]

How do you get your log home fix?

The Internet is such a wonderful invention… think about it for just a moment. The collective knowledge of the human race is freely accessible from your computer – even your smart phone. Wow!

That’s a powerful concept, but it creates an intimidating dilemma. How do you sift through trillions and mega-trillions of bits of information […]

2010, Year of the Tiger?

According to the Chinese calendar, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. In my mind, a tiger is a much better choice than a rat or a monkey, but I’ve decided to nominate 2010 as the Year of the Log Home. Now stay with me…

2007 was the Year of the Pig 2008 was […]

PrecisionCraft has another inspiring idea!

Last June I wrote about PrecisionCraft’s “Inspired Living” idea where they showed how their log home designs come to life. They present the floor plan and design drawings, then the finished product photos along with a unique app that lets you tour many of the rooms in the home. In addition, they include comments from […]

The Log Home Journey… (part 2)

As Paul Harvey says, “this is the rest of the story”. .. the second post of a two-part article written by Mike and Sue Lemmon of Cowboy Log Builders LLC. In the event you missed it, read Part I of The Log Home Journey.

OK, you’ve done your job site research. Now […]

Got plans to build a log home?

Got logs yet?

I am an optimistic kind of guy, but I am no Pollyanna. I read the news and follow financial issues and I know how weak this economy is, but I’ve also been around long enough to know that things will eventually change.

Don’t get me wrong… I could climb up on […]

Inspired Living & Inspired Marketing

Every industry has companies that seem to do all the right things in the marketing department and the log home business is no exception. […]