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Solar Log Home Community

A couple years ago I interviewed David Di Massino, owner of Darian Estates in central Florida and he sent me an update that I thought would be of interest to many of you.

Darian Estates is a “Green Lifestyle” community on a 40 acre ranch in Florida, which makes it an ideal […]

Log homes, timber frames homes preferred…

West Virginia has had a tough reputation to overcome. Mention the state and many people will remember the photos they’ve seen of coal strip mining and backwoods families living far below the poverty line.

Today however, things have changed and the changes include ecologically-friendly housing developments. A long-term development plan for a West Virginia […]

A Log Home Community in Florida

Darian Estates is a ‘Log Home Community’ in Florida, owned by David Di Massino of DDM Developing, Inc. David and I have been exchanging emails for a few months and I suggested recently that we do an interview because of his unique approach to this log home project. What follows is the result of our […]

Log Home Marketing

The idea of ‘local search’ and its importance in the future has Google making this one of their (many) priorities. Reaching only the people you can serve conveniently is paramount to success… in any business. […]

Log Home Living (online)

In a post last week, I mentioned that Log Home Living (magazine) had launched a new online community for log home enthusiasts. In the short time since that post, this thing has really taken off and in a great way… I believe its membership has doubled in size in one short week!

What makes this […]

Log Homes Council (PSA)

There are many ways to serve a community. Most industries form trade organizations or public awareness councils to inform the public about their business and to assist, monitor and help promote their members. Oftentimes, such groups step outside their day-to-day routines and offer the public information or products that serve a worth cause. Today’s “PSA” […]

Cabin Lifestyle Community

One of the best parts of my “job” is getting to visit so many unique websites and meet so many interesting people. For a number of years I have had a relationship with a company based in Oklahoma called Black Forest Decor. They recently launched a new site that’s tailor-made for log home […]