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The Owner-Built Log House

It is a funny coincidence that my last post was about a book I suggested for those who might be considering building a log home themselves. Today’s post is about another book that I highly recommend.

People have been building homes from logs and heavy timbers for thousands of years. In North America log homes […]

Thought about building a log home?

No, that’s not what I meant. Have you ever thought about YOU building YOUR log home? I’m talking about you wielding the chainsaw, peeling your own logs and stacking logs – not hiring a builder to do it for you. I’m talking serious hands-on DIY log home building!

Many of us have considered such a […]

10 Common Misconceptions About Log Homes

Frequent contributors to this blog are Clyde Cremer and son Jeff, owners of American Log Homes, Inc. in Pueblo West, Colorado. The article below is from Clyde and I think you will agree it dispels many mistaken impressions about log homes. Enjoy!

1) Log homes are not energy efficient

Most of these rumors have […]

The Log Home Journey… (part 2)

As Paul Harvey says, “this is the rest of the story”. .. the second post of a two-part article written by Mike and Sue Lemmon of Cowboy Log Builders LLC. In the event you missed it, read Part I of The Log Home Journey.

OK, you’ve done your job site research. Now […]

The Log Home Journey… (part 1)

The following is a two-part article written by Mike and Sue Lemmon of Cowboy Log Builders LLC. For anyone thinking about building a log home, this will be a great help.

From A Log Home Builder In Montana and Idaho

I sit here on this November afternoon looking […]

Log Home Handcrafting

I have talked to people who have ordered a log home and never visited the manufacturer that produced it. Although a personal visit is not required, if you have the opportunity to visit a company and watch how a log home is created, you will have a whole new appreciation for the building process and […]

Got land for that log home?

If you are in the beginning stages of your research on log or timber frame homes, you may have decided this is what you want to do, but you may not have decided where that dream home will be built. […]

What comes first, the land or the floor plans?

One log home manufacturer may boast that they have 50,000 floor plans from which to choose. Gulp! Who wants to search through 50k floor plans – from one source? The Log Home Directory is trying to address that very issue – the candy store is just too big to make a selection. Our approach is to feature the top 10 floor plans from major manufacturers. […]

10 Best Places to Build in America

Hollywood tabloids are famous for their ‘Top _____ lists’ such as the “sexiest men” or the “most beautiful women” in America, etc. We’ve all seen these rankings and we might agree or argue how Ms. X made the cut on such a list. Beauty after all, is in the eye of the beholder, and this […]

Calling Log Home Builders…

Got logs?

One of the things I enjoy most about editing this blog and our websites is the never ending opportunity to learn something new. I do not consider myself an expert (by anyone’s definition), just a very curious student of this marvelous industry of ours. It is an ironic twist that something […]