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Hurricanes bring destruction – and opportunity!

Once people become aware of the durability of log construction and are faced with rebuilding in a hurricane prone area… a legitimate opportunity for log home companies materializes. […]

Log Home Shows & Expos

I heard from two friends over the weekend who were exhibiting at the Log Home and Timber Frame Expo in Chicago and I realized I hadn’t discussed these events for quite a while. Oops… sorry, but if you are considering building a log home, attending such a show is a ‘must attend’ event. Fall and […]

Are we on “Candid Camera”?

Because just like the sage advice of Baron Nathan Rothschild in the early 19th century, “The time to buy is when blood is running in the streets.” Obviously, I’m speaking figuratively here, but the meaning holds true. Sales are soft for many log home manufacturers and builders have time on their hands for the first time in years. There hasn’t been a better time to get aggressive pricing and commitments from log home companies in decades. […]

Spotlight on Wasilla, AK Log Homes

If Mr. Koskela wins this mayoral election and follows in Governor Palin’s footsteps, we could someday have a log home builder in the White House. In the future, instead of teaching 3rd. graders about former Presidents that were born in log cabins, we could be teaching them about Presidents who build log cabins! Maybe I’m rushing things a little… […]