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The Log Home Journey… (part 2)

As Paul Harvey says, “this is the rest of the story”. .. the second post of a two-part article written by Mike and Sue Lemmon of Cowboy Log Builders LLC. In the event you missed it, read Part I of The Log Home Journey.

OK, you’ve done your job site research. Now […]

The Log Home Journey… (part 1)

The following is a two-part article written by Mike and Sue Lemmon of Cowboy Log Builders LLC. For anyone thinking about building a log home, this will be a great help.

From A Log Home Builder In Montana and Idaho

I sit here on this November afternoon looking […]

Log Homes & High-Tech Communications

When you think about the log home industry in general, or if you are contemplating buying or building a log or timber frame home, the notion of hi-tech is probably not foremost in your mind. A log home is more commonly associated with a laid back approach to modern living; an escape or a refuge […]

Log Home Shows (schedule)

Between now (Oct. 17th.) and next April, there are 13 major log home shows scheduled across the United States and Canada. I expect that a few more will be added for 1st. quarter 2010, but as of now, you can see the complete schedule here for Log Home Shows for 2009 & 2010.

Got plans to build a log home?

Got logs yet?

I am an optimistic kind of guy, but I am no Pollyanna. I read the news and follow financial issues and I know how weak this economy is, but I’ve also been around long enough to know that things will eventually change.

Don’t get me wrong… I could climb up on […]

A Log Home Community in Florida

Darian Estates is a ‘Log Home Community’ in Florida, owned by David Di Massino of DDM Developing, Inc. David and I have been exchanging emails for a few months and I suggested recently that we do an interview because of his unique approach to this log home project. What follows is the result of our […]

Rekindling the Dream

Will you join me in restoring the log home dream?

Most of us have been scrambling since this economic depression kicked into high gear. It doesn’t matter what part you play in this business, you’re feeling the results of this business slowdown. If you’re a log home builder, manufacturer or supplier, or a ‘prospective’ […]

Log Home Building Questions

A question was asked in the comment section of a previous post. This question is one that everyone who is planning to build a log home asks at some point so I decided to answer it here rather than as a sub-comment.

We have been planing our log home project fo more […]

Montana Log Homes

Last winter when the snow was flying and the log yard was quiet, I had the pleasure of spending part of an afternoon with Brad Neu, President of Montana Log Homes. His company has been handcrafting custom log homes for more than 30 years. […]

Log Home Industry… Are You Ready?

If you are in the log home business, do you have a Facebook account yet? Is your company website fresh and updated? Do you have a blog? Do you Twitter? […]