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Basic is beautiful

Just this morning I received a new online submission from a company that wanted to be included in our Log & Rustic Furniture Directory. As I’ve mentioned a number of times in this blog, most of the people involved in our industry are too busy making a living to concern themselves with flashy, state-of-the-art websites- […]

Reply to a comment

Yesterday I received a comment to my post about “Log Tables“. Because this question has been asked before, I thought I’d take a moment and address it as a post vs. a comment response.

Melinda R. asked… “My husband and I absolutely LOVE the end and coffee tables and would like to buy something just […]

Log Tables

I’m a little surprised about how much interest I’m receiving in the DIY area. […]

Timing is everything

They say that “timing is everything“, and Alex from Wilmington, NC has excellent timing. Today he added a blog comment to the post about DIY log picture frames asking for more of the same type of DIY projects.

As it happens, I am in the process of finishing a DIY piece on log end tables […]

Originality wins every time

One of the best parts of managing our rustic directories is visiting all the unique websites and seeing such an array of distinctive furniture and décor items. […]

Why is log & rustic furniture so popular?

Log and rustic furniture speaks to our history when people fashioned their furniture from the raw materials nature provided. […]

DIY Log Picture Frames

This seems to be DIY month as I have another post about building picture frames out of logs… well actually branches or limbs. I’m having a weird sense of ‘Déjà vu’ as a couple of interrelated things happened that resulted in this post. In my previous post there is a picture of a log picture […]

Log Accents

If you don’t live in a ‘solid’ log home, but want to add some log accents, this can be easier than you might think. Log accents with stick-built homes are extremely popular these days because it offers the the log look, with the ease of construction and advantages of a stick-built home. A few […]

Calling all “greenies”

These days we pay a lot of lip service to eco-friendly ideas and the greenies push for public awareness and legislation about saving the planet. […]

Free Catalog Featuring the Finest Rustic Decor

Find everything from log beds and furniture to rustic decorator items and antler lighting here. […]