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What? No Website?

From the comments and emails I receive, I know that this blog receives regular visits from furniture makers as well as furniture buyers and rustic decor enthusiasts. For the most part, this post is aimed at furniture makers (actually anyone in business) because it is about your website – or lack thereof.

On two separate […]

Identity Theft

Today I want to talk about something that has absolutely no relationship to the topic of this blog – but don’t click away yet. This is important.

I discovered a virus on my computer over the weekend. Understand that my home network is very secure; our computers sit behind a router and firewall and my […]

Spotlight on a Rustic Furniture Company

As I’ve mentioned so many times before in this blog, one of the best parts of editing these directories and this blog is visiting so many unique websites and meeting the people behind the products. Last weekend I received an email from Rene Guay, who owns a remarkable website called “Alder Brook“. We exchanged a […]

Mayday, mayday… maymonth?

Every dog has his day… and apparently this is also true for “months”, as I just found out that May is national Home Improvement Month. Man, I have been living a sheltered life, but now I am finally aware.

Around my house every month is “Home Improvement Month”. Between my bride’s honey-do list (that has […]

Screensaver or marketing opportunity?

I receive ’email alerts’ on a daily basis from Google and Yahoo. I monitor key words and phrases in our industry and am notified when press releases, articles and other blog posts are published. It helps me stay current with news and trends.

This morning I was alerted to a free screensaver being released […]

Log Blogging

If blogs are any indication, a lot of people in the log home and log furniture industries are not what one might call “early adopters” of technology. If you Google “log home blogs”, the results are fairly sparse. With that in mind, I thought I’d take a shot at linking other log-related blogs to this […]

Log Home Magazines

I received a very nice compliment a few days ago, along with a question from a Jerome & Linda. The question is one I’ve been asked in the past, so I thought I would answer it with this post. They said…

Hi, my wife and I are considering building a log home and we’re in […]

How to build a log cabin

Just a quick post today as I’m off to plow the snow that Canada so generously sent our way. I try to stay current with blogs and articles that relate to log homes and log furniture and receive Google Alerts about these topics. Anyone who uses such a service knows that most of the alerts […]

Bears for your kitchen

This is turning into a week of “help me find” questions (and that’s great – glad to help). Leslie in Arizona posted the following comment this morning…

Last summer my family toured much of the southwest in a RV. Our three week vacation did much to help the economy as part of the purpose of […]

Peeled or skip peeled logs?

I received an email from Rita M. today who asked, “I was browsing your directory pricing log bedroom furniture and a couple sites talked about peeled and skip peeled logs. What do they mean by this?”

Great question, Rita and thanks for asking. “Peeling” refers to removing the bark from a log. This is usually […]