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What is your ideal log home design?

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have asked for faster horses — Henry Ford

That is an insightful quote from Mr. Ford and it pertains to every business or service I can think of. As it relates to the log home industry, I believe that it is profoundly important for both […]

Log Home Industry News

You know how the saying goes, “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of…log cabins and fine homes made from heavy timbers”.

Well, I know it goes something like that, but if the traffic to this website is any indication, young and not so young people are getting serious once […]

Log Home Winter Wonderland

Winter of 2011 has been one for the record books for some parts of the USA, but here in Montana we’re having a rather normal season. In fact, it has been a little unseasonal this past month. Two weeks ago our temps crept up to the mid 30’s and we had a week of rain. […]

Log Cabin Lovers Christmas Ideas WidgetsGive Santa a break…

Santa has enough to do on Christmas eve so it’s time we gave the poor fella a break. Lighten his load this year by ordering some special gifts for people you know who love log homes and cabins.

Have your gifts under the tree early by putting the burden […]

Best Log Home Floor Plans

Once we get past the drooling phase of looking at log home pictures in magazines and on the web, and have decided to take the plunge, the next step is finding the perfect floor plan. Talk about a demanding task…there must be a million floor plans to sift through online. What’s worse is that after […]

A Vertical Log Cabin… What say you?

Is this fellow crazy or does he have an idea that just needs some refinement? He plans to build a vertical log cabin in Alaska and he shares his ideas in this video.

As you probably know, 99.9% of all log homes built in the lower 48 utilize horizontal logs stacked atop each other. […]

Outdoor Log Home Living Spaces

This website is about log homes and log cabins. At least that’s what we spend most of our time discussing – with a few side trips along the way.

Consequently, most posts are about the house/cabin part of this timber home business. Today I received an email from PrecisionCraft Log Homes promoting their “backyard living […]

Green plastic buildings or log homes?

In those few remaining areas where we still have control over choosing the quality of our life, log home living is a choice whose time has come. […]

Log Home Survey

In the previous post I asked how was that Log Home Research Going? Today, I would like to take that idea a bit further by asking you to participate in a short survey.

Relax, I’m not asking for your name, email or any personal identifying information, just a few quick questions to get a feel […]

How’s that Log Home Research Going?

Hey, we’ve all done it. Maybe it was that classic ’67 Camaro or that antique Queen Ann Highboy, or just that riding lawn mower you wanted to buy, but you researched it to the point that you knew more than most experts.

If you talk to many log home manufacturers, they’ll tell […]