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The Internet is such a wonderful invention… think about it for just a moment. The collective knowledge of the human race is freely accessible from your computer – even your smart phone. Wow!

That’s a powerful concept, but it creates an intimidating dilemma. How do you sift through trillions and mega-trillions of bits of information […]

Google Chrome – The Browser…

If you are in the log home business, or if you are in any business that has a website, I would recommend that you download this new browser. […]

Do you have a website?

We’re going to give the log & rustic discussion a break today and take a side trip. If you have a website, hopefully this will be of interest. If you do not have a website, you may as well skip this article and browse our other postings. Thank you.

One of the companies featured […]

What? Me advertise?

As you might imagine, I hear from a lot of people. Shoppers email or call about finding specific information, and because we list thousands of companies on our Rustic Directories, I hear from website owners quite frequently. This post is targeted to website owners (sorry shoppers – select the next topic if you don’t think […]