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Log Homes in Highlights Kids Magazine

In the June issue of the esteemed children’s magazine Highlights High Five, in a special feature entitled “Building Log Houses”. The publication, which is written for preschoolers, aims to help stimulate children’s social and emotional growth. […]

Labor Day Recap

Have you noticed that sometimes it doesn’t matter if you live in a log home or a glass house, things don’t always go as planned. My bride and I decided that this Labor Day was to be “staycation” (stay at home vacation) and that we would spend it relaxing and catching-up on some honey-do chores […]

Thank goodness summer is over!

Okay, I know that sounds blasphemous, especially if you live in the snowbelt, so let me explain…

I love summer and in my humble opinion there isn’t a better experience than cruising on Flathead Lake on a summer afternoon here in Montana. So why am I happy to see summer winding down? Traffic! To be […]

Log Home Living = Happiness?

According to Science Daily… Despite Frustrations, Americans Are Pretty Darned Happy

We’re number 16 … in world happiness. The United States ranks ahead of more than 80 countries, but below 15 others in happiness levels, according to new World Values Survey data released in the July issue of the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science.

The […]