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West Virginia has had a tough reputation to overcome. Mention the state and many people will remember the photos they’ve seen of coal strip mining and backwoods families living far below the poverty line.

Today however, things have changed and the changes include ecologically-friendly housing developments. A long-term development plan for a West Virginia […]

Green plastic buildings or log homes?

In those few remaining areas where we still have control over choosing the quality of our life, log home living is a choice whose time has come. […]

Log Homes: The Original Eco-friendly and Sustainable Building Solution

Log homes are the original green building solution made completely from the earth’s most plentiful resource. One of the choices we have as it relates to making responsible ‘green’ decisions is the materials we select to build our homes, and a log home offers a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution to energy conservation and natural resources […]

‘Green’ Log Home Info in the News

Green is good. We all acknowledge this and nowhere is this more apparent than in the log home industry. As you might imagine, I see a lot of log home information fly across my monitor and as it relates to green building and voluntary recycling efforts. Recently, there has been a flurry of news that […]

10 Common Misconceptions About Log Homes

Frequent contributors to this blog are Clyde Cremer and son Jeff, owners of American Log Homes, Inc. in Pueblo West, Colorado. The article below is from Clyde and I think you will agree it dispels many mistaken impressions about log homes. Enjoy!

1) Log homes are not energy efficient

Most of these rumors have […]

Interesting Log Home Community

Oftentimes, we tend to categorize log homes as ‘mountain homes’ even though states like Texas and Florida are huge log home markets. […]

Green will grow the log home industry

I applaud their determination to push the GREEN LOG Homes & Lifestyle Awards™ forward as such a program will help to raise the awareness of prospective log home buyers and introduce new people to our industry. […]

Green Energy DIY Projects for Your Log Home

His kit teaches everything you need to know about producing electricity using solar and wind power with a step-by-step fully illustrated manual… how to build a great looking solar power system for as little as $200 using parts found at a local hardware store. […]

Green Solutions Can Mean Green Savings!

In the log home industry, being ‘green‘ can mean a whole lot more than just ‘green building‘ products, methods or practices. As an example, most major manufacturers are enthusiastically involved in reforestation projects and have an active role in organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation and other earth-friendly groups.

One excellent example of incorporating […]

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Lads & Lassies,

An Irish Blessing…

May your neighbors respect you, Troubles neglect you, Angels protect you, Heaven accept you And may your home always be too small to hold all your friends.

The Irish may not have invented “green building“, but tis’ a fine blessing to be both politically correct and environmentally friendly and […]