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Mayday, mayday… maymonth?

Every dog has his day… and apparently this is also true for “months”, as I just found out that May is national Home Improvement Month. Man, I have been living a sheltered life, but now I am finally aware.

Around my house every month is “Home Improvement Month”. Between my bride’s honey-do list (that has […]

Is a new deck in your future?

Whether you are planning to build a new deck on your log home or replace an existing deck, things have changed in recent years. Before you head to the lumber yard, you may want to head to Google and do some homework. A DIY deck project is not the same as it was a […]

Got ice? DIY temp railing!

Those of us who choose to live in the mountains either love snow, or have accepted it as part of the price one pays for mountain living. Me? I love it, but I do my best to prepare for snow and icy weather. We all winterize the vehicles, drain hoses and stack the firewood […]

Log Home Automation – Revisited

Last year I authored an article entitled, “Log home automation? Excuse me?”. The article was picked up by scores of blogs and syndicated services and since then I have received tons of email asking questions about home automation and the company whose products I mentioned, X-10.

First, I will discuss the company; X-10 was a […]

I love antlers

Spying a majestic elk strutting through the forrest is a sight to behold. If you have never had that experience, I recommend you spend your next vacation in the mountains where elk are known to graze. The nice thing about antlers is that when our furry friends are done with them, they leave them behind […]

DIY Log Picture Frames

This seems to be DIY month as I have another post about building picture frames out of logs… well actually branches or limbs. I’m having a weird sense of ‘Déjà vu’ as a couple of interrelated things happened that resulted in this post. In my previous post there is a picture of a log picture […]

Log Accents

If you don’t live in a ‘solid’ log home, but want to add some log accents, this can be easier than you might think. Log accents with stick-built homes are extremely popular these days because it offers the the log look, with the ease of construction and advantages of a stick-built home. A few […]