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Do you heat your log home with firewood?

I’m a ‘heat it yourself’fanatic… that’s someone who prefers to use a heat source other than that available from a utility company. I love my woodstove the way some guys love their cars or golf clubs, and with the price of natural gas these days, my stove loves me back. […]

DIY Floor Plans

We talk about floor plans a lot here, because it is such a hot topic – especially for people who are in the research stage of building a log home. In fact, “floor plans” is one of the most popular key word phrases by which new people discover the Log Home Directory. Consequently, we are […]

How to find a ‘reliable’ remodeling company

Need a home improvement or remodeling job done? Not sure who to call? There is now an easy way to make it happen.

I’m a DIY kind of guy. I enjoy and take pride in making most of my own home repairs or remodeling projects… within reason. However, there are many chores that I simply […]

DIY Log Home Floor Plans

Much of the fun in building a log or timber frame home is the design process. Converting that dream of yours into a workable structure is an art – and a science. It is one thing to see a home design that you like in a magazine or a photograph, but it can be a […]

Log Finishes (and 100 posts)

Editor’s side note: WOW, today marks the 100th. post to this blog. That’s a real milestone and I would like to thank those of you who have been watching me stumble through this process. Hope you’ll subscribe to this feed and stick around for the next 100 postings. Thanks!

If you are a regular reader […]

Log home remodeling project?

Do your 2008 home improvement resolutions got you worried? Relax, there is an easier way to do things. If you’re like me, your honey-do list only grows in one direction. I scratch off one project and two more appear as if by magic. Such tasks always need to be prioritized as a leaking faucet […]

Don’t pay the ransom… I escaped!

That was an old line a friend of mine used to say to his wife if he loitered too late at night with his friends. It has an initial shock value that distracts one from their current thoughts. Like how you must be thinking… “where’s he been – where’s his posts”?

If you were paying […]

Seasonal Reminder

Fall is in the air and the holidays are just around the corner. This is always an exhilarating time of year because it means we get to fire up the woodstove or the fireplace. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway… don’t light that first match until you have done your seasonal maintenance. […]

Log Cabin Day?

There’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day, National Anything Awareness Day and believe it or not there is even a “National Make Up Your Mind Day” and the “Designated Hitter Rule Anniversary Day”. Thanks to marketing efforts from companies like Hallmark Cards, we have a day for just about everything… including “National Doughnut […]

DIY Log Railing Gate

Got a dog? Want to keep it around?

That was our problem. We have the world’s finest watchdog who considers it her duty to keep an eye on our property and protect us from bears, mountain lions and those pesky ferocious ‘attack deer’.

Unfortunately, our “puppy” lives up to her Great Pyrenees breed’s reputation […]