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Log Home + Woodstove = Happiness

First fire in the woodstove

In my last post I talked about getting ready for winter, and one of those annual log home chores is bringing in enough firewood to last through spring. Well, my bride is now happy that I can remove that project from my ‘honey-do’ list. The weather (and other commitments) cooperated […]

Log Home Maintenance - Doors

Water Damage to Log Homes & Doors

When you live in a log home you quickly discover that things like caulking and repairing wood damaged by the elements is priority numero uno. A small breach left untended can grow into a minor emergency requiring logs to be repaired, replaced or worse. Unlike most other building […]

Indoor Firewood Rack

Mission Style Indoor Firewood Rack

Many of you may recall a DIY project of mine, which I dubbed the “Ultimate Indoor Firewood Rack“. Although I built this a few years ago for our log home, I still get comments and questions from people. A couple people asked to buy one and one fellow asked to […]

Log Home Projects

Do you live in a log home? Or, are you one of those people who live the log home experience as a hands-on DIY type? When minor repairs are needed, do you call for help, or try to fix the problem yourself?

I’m more of the DIY kind of guy. Like anyone else I like […]

Does your log home have a name?

What’s your sign?

No, I’m not talking about your Astrological sign (I’m a Scorpio), I’m referring to the name you have given to your log home or cabin. Have you posted a sign to prove it?

DIY Log Home Sign – have you named yours?

By some people’s standards, our home is located in […]

DIY Rustic Log Furniture Project

A reader of this blog, Robert W. asked…

Didn’t you have some information about a handmade china closet where you gave plans and pictures? I have been looking for such a winter project to work on…

Guilty as charged, Robert. Sorry you couldn’t find the information you were looking for and that’s probably because I’ve […]

Log Home DIY Maintenance

Wood rot… the ever-present foe of the log home owner. It can be a hidden pocket that forms in a log, an area where water runoff isn’t properly diverted, or it can be right in front of your nose.

This first image is a close-up of one of the stair treads leading up to our […]

Buy, Build or Remodel that Log Home?

Depending upon where you call home, spring is either right around the corner or still buried under a few feet of snow. Regardless of how much shoveling you had to do this morning, we all know that St. Patty’s day is in just in front of us and trees budding with new leaves will follow […]

Did you win the free log home?

Readers of this blog have received a couple reminders to enter the DIY Network’s Blog Cabin Sweepstakes (prizes valued at $750,000). This contest ended on September 29, 2008… […]

DIY & Get a Grip

A friend of mine who shares my love for tools and understands that mindset, sent me a video showing a new ‘gotta have’ tool. The video is a very funny and full of ‘double entendre’ guy talk, but the tool is amazing. It’s one of those head-slappers that says… “why didn’t I think of that”… […]