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10 Common Misconceptions About Log Homes

Frequent contributors to this blog are Clyde Cremer and son Jeff, owners of American Log Homes, Inc. in Pueblo West, Colorado. The article below is from Clyde and I think you will agree it dispels many mistaken impressions about log homes. Enjoy!

1) Log homes are not energy efficient

Most of these rumors have […]

Thermal Imaging for Log Homes

Today, with the help of “Thermal Imaging”, we can actually see the holes and security breaches in log home walls, corners and chinking seams. […]

Log Prep – a very interesting study!

A reader of this blog, Terry K. Tadysak, built a full 9 inch Swedish Cope style log home in Northern Wisconsin about 3 years ago. In preparation for this project he did considerable research on what best to use for interior and exterior wood stains. Terry contacted me and was willing to share his findings […]

What’s the worst part of living in a log home?

To be fair, I should clarify the question to read, “What’s the worst part of living in a wooden, timber frame or log home?

People visit this blog because we all share one thing in common, a passion for log homes. Any log home owner will tell you log homes require some work. Obviously, […]